July 1st has passed, and the new SOLAS VGM regulation is now in effect. The rule, aimed at cracking down on overweight containers and accidents, states that, as a condition of vessel loading, shippers must present the verified gross mass (VGM) of their containers to ocean carriers. The rule change was approved in 2014, and gradually, software-based solutions arose to meet the needs of anxious shippers. Here is a roundup of 7 products aimed at making SOLAS VGM compliance as cheap and painless as possible.

APL’s Interactive SOLAS Implementation Map.

Since VGM-policies and practices vary around the world, ocean carrier APL created an interactive map to help shippers figure out which marine terminals offer certified weighing services. The map also shows the specific implementation practices of each marine terminal, including: “no VGM, no gate-in” rules, permitted margins of error, and VGM submission cutoffs. 

INTTRA’s eVGM Solution

Inttra, an ocean shipping e-marketplace, wants to make the digital delivery of container VGMs as easy as possible. Their eVGM tool allows for SOLAS-compliant VGMs to be submitted, received, and processed, either online or via EDI, XML, mobile tools, or e-mail.

Kewill’s INTTRA-integrated Global Forwarding Software

Supply chain software provider Kewill has partnered with Inttra to created a computer-based tool that connects their freight forwarding capabilities with Inttra’s eVGM Solution. The tool lets shippers submit and view carrier VGM requirements, automate reporting/documentation, and stay up-to-date on the changing regulations and practices around the world. 

Mobileweight App 

Also powered by Inttra, Mobileweight’s patent-pending and free Apple and Android app lets shippers file and send their VGMs from their point of loading to most major carriers. Once booked and registered, the information can be accessed through either the app or a computer by all stakeholders including suppliers, drayage companies, warehouse teams, and third-party logistics providers. Also, the app’s optical character recognition capabilities, mean data can be loaded in by taking a photo of the approved scale ticket. 

Syrinx e-Shipping Portal

Trade Tech’s, mobile software Syrinx creates a centralised real-time social media-like environment for SOLAS compliance. Supply chain members (truckers, weighing scales, 3PLs, and load facilities) are “invited” to collaborate on information gathering and share relevant shots, certificates and data which then become available to the shipper. 

Conweigh Mobile Container Weighing

Conweigh, an Australian company, aims to Uber-ize container weighing. Customers book appointments online and a technician is then sent to their location to weigh the container using a quick and portable patent-pending process. The weight is forwarded to the app via Bluetooth where it is then transmitted to the shipping company. The entire process takes between half an hour to one hour. Currently, the service is primarily available in Australia, but international expansion is taking place. 

Hy-Weigh Container Weighing System

Hy-Dynamix’s Hy-Weigh is a portable container weighing solution that provides VGM info within just ten minutes. By using four corner hydraulic elevation jacks to raise containers, the system can weight containers up to 35 tonnes.