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3 Ways To Lower Inbound Shipping Costs

Where cost reduction and optimization are concerned, outbound shipping usually takes center stage. Inbound sits in the background, unmonitored and unexamined. Though they may be harder to gain control of, inbound shipping costs can be a significant source of efficiency and savings. Here are three ways businesses can keep them in check. 

high inbound shipping costs
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The Future of Shipping is Psychic: 4 Ways to get ahead of Anticipatory Logistics & Predictive Shipping

In 2012, a game-changing patent was filed. Using predictive shipping analytics, Amazon’s “anticipatory” or “speculative” shipping system plans to ship products to customers before they’ve so much as clicked “add to cart.” According to a recent trend report by DHL, the future is upon us. From automotive to consumer goods, over the next five years, this so-called psychic supply chain will have far reaching effects in nearly all industries. Here’s how to avoid being left behind:

anticipatory predictive logistics

Photo courtesy of Franck_Michel(CC Attribution)

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3 Ways an Online Freight Class Calculator Can Steer You Wrong

Though there are many free freight class calculators available online, they can be misleading in certain of cases. Often, the NMFC code they generate is based solely on dimensions, weight, density, and value. But, these are not the only factors that matter. An over-reliance on these calculators can lead to costly reclassification charges. Three additional factors determine shipping class: Stowability, Handling, and Liability, and it is important to keep them in mind as well: 

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