Customs Clearance

Skyfer Logistic Inc. is a licensed and trusted Canadian customs broker and freight forwarder headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. We specialize in providing integrated customs clearance and freight solutions, designed to streamline your import and export operations throughout Canada.

As a member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB), we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and stay current on the latest customs regulations.

Our Services

Efficient Canadian Customs Clearance:

Our team of experts navigates all major transportation modes (road, ocean, air, rail) to ensure seamless movement of your goods through Canadian customs.

Nationwide Coverage & Real-Time Visibility:

We serve all major Canadian ports, facilitating efficient customs clearance with hassle-free pick-up and delivery arrangements. Our advanced tracking systems provide real-time visibility into your shipments throughout the entire process.

Expert Guidance for Canadian Imports:

Business Number (BN) Application Support: Need a BN to operate in Canada? We offer expert advice and assistance to navigate the application process.

Duty & Tax Optimization: Gain insights into Canadian duties and taxes tailored to your specific commodities and HS codes, ensuring accurate cost calculations.

Trade Agreement & Certificate Expertise: Stay informed about country-of-origin certificates and trade agreements relevant to Canada (CUSMA, CETA, CPTPP, etc.).

Canadian Compliance Made Easy:

Comprehensive Compliance Services: Benefit from our complete suite of compliance and consulting services, covering B2s, refunds, duty recovery (drawbacks), and Blanket Permits – all in accordance with current Canadian regulations.

Streamlined CERS Filing:

Rely on our expertise for accurate and timely CERS filing, ensuring seamless compliance with Canadian customs requirements. Our comprehensive support covers the entire process of filing export reports for shipments from Canada to any other country using the Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS).

CARM: Our expert team will guide you through the CARM process and assist in setting up the Importer Bond with Customs, ensuring that duties and tax payments are made easier.

Starting October 2024, CARM will be the system of record for all importers, including Non-Resident Importers

Your Trusted Canadian Customs Partner:

End-to-End Canadian Solutions: We offer comprehensive services specifically designed for the Canadian customs landscape, handling everything from booking your freight to doorstep delivery.

Expert Guidance for Canadian Imports: Our team of highly skilled customs specialists possess in-depth knowledge of Canadian import requirements and continuously update their expertise to keep you compliant and avoid penalties.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Canadian Businesses: We understand your unique needs and provide customized guidance to optimize your customs clearance processes for maximum cost-efficiency.

Experience Canadian Trade Excellence

Partner with Skyfer Logistic Inc. and experience the efficiency and reliability of a dedicated Canadian customs broker and freight forwarder. Let us elevate your international trade operations by simplifying the complexities of Canadian customs clearance.

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