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Ensuring On Time Delivery Through Integrated Logistics

A look at the advantages of using integrated logistics to ensure on time delivery

on time delivery

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Advantage Of Using Freight Forwarders For International Cargo Shipping

As international cargo shipping becomes increasingly complex, manufacturers struggle to maintain a competitive edge through strategic pricing, product placement and promotional campaigns. There has been a growing awareness among shippers of the many advantages to using a freight forwarding company to ship their product internationally.

international cargo shipping
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Identifying Trends In Accessorial Charges To Mitigate Costs

A recent benchmark study on trends in accessorial charges within the transportation industry has provided shippers with valuable data that can be used strategically to identify areas of potential savings

trends in accessorial charges

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Freight Logistics: Is premium freight costly or a long-term strategy?

In today’s competitive environment where profit margins are slim, more manufacturers are turning to premium freight logistics in order to meet their shipping needs.

premium freight

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Questions About Freight Claims But Were Too Afraid To Ask

One area in which most transportation providers are lacking in knowledge is the freight claims process. We take a look at some questions regarding the steps you should take to ensure that your claim is honored.

freight claims

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Why You Should Be Using Intermodal Transport Sooner Rather Than Later

Intermodal transport has become an essential aspect of the supply chain management process where it has seen steady growth over the past two decades.

intermodal transport

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Inbound Freight Management: How to take control and boost excellence

Controlling inbound freight can be challenging, but the rewards of getting it right can be very exciting. We look at several aspects in reaching inbound freight nirvana.

inbound freight

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7 Things About LTL Freight Re-Weigh Your Boss Wants To Know

Have you been recently blindsided by the classic ltl freight re-weigh? You’re not alone. Just to be clear, transportation costs are derived by the greater of the actual gross weight of a shipment and its comparative dimensional weight. 

ltl freight re-weight
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Freight Logistics – Why We Love Value Over Price (And You Should Too!)

By their sheer nature, the words ‘value’ and ‘price’ are not synonymous. When you add the words into the context of the freight logistics industry, they can spell mayhem. Our team at Skyfer Logistic loves value over price and here is a concrete example why.

freight logistics
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Shipping Container Sizes

There are many different shipping container sizes and configurations that a company can rely on to transport goods internationally. Shipping container sizes vary depending on the client’s needs and that can make it difficult to decide on the correct size, use, or service.

If your shipment cannot fill a 45 foot container, you can opt for a 20 foot container that could fill the bill. Of course you could always use LCL shipping (less than container load) if it’s even smaller in size.

There may be other shipping container sizes that are ideal for your particular company; there are also other options, depending on your firm’s shipping needs.

dry cargo container

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