The advantages of shipping your cargo via LCL?

LCL shipping is an acronym for less than container load. As it states, it’s when your overseas shipment just does not fill a container load, but your cargo still needs routing overseas.

Shipping consolidators provide a service that enables firms and individuals to ship less than container load cargo at a fraction of the cost of a full container, with transit times that can stand up to normal full container load transits.

lcl shipping

By sharing the space of the container with like-minded firms, the consolidator provides a service and fills a niche, providing this service at a rate that is still much more reasonable than the rate of a full container.

The rating of LCL shipping will have a minimum charge and then, if that minimum is exceeded, will rate your shipment on a dimensional basis.

 How does the consolidator rate your LCL shipment?

LCL shipping rates are based upon cubic meters or CBM. Their guideline is one CBM should equal 1000 kilograms of weight, whichever measure is greater. As an example, if your shipment is 2 meters X 1 meters X 2 meters and has a weight of 1000 KG, the CBM of your shipment is 4 cubic meters or 4 CBM. If the rate for this shipment is 10 USD per CBM then the rate would be 40 USD, however the minimum rate on this shipment might apply if this minimum is higher.

On the other hand, if that same shipment which we just calculated as being 4 CBM had a total weight of 7000 kilograms, since the minimum of 1000 KG/CBM has been exceeded, it would be rated on the bases of 7000 kilos or 10 USD X 7 = 70 USD.

As in LCL shipping, the devil can be in the details and one should pay special attention to all of the accessorial charges that can be added to your rate. Skyfer Logistic provides LCL shipping services as well. Please contact us for additional information. We would be pleased to help.

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