As international cargo shipping becomes increasingly complex, manufacturers struggle to maintain a competitive edge through strategic pricing, product placement and promotional campaigns. There has been a growing awareness among shippers of the many advantages to using a freight forwarding company to ship their product internationally.

international cargo shipping

An experienced freight forwarder such as Skyfer Logistic can respond quickly and efficiently to their customers needs by providing sophisticated logistic solutions that can significantly impact their clients’ profitability.

Some major benefits of efficient logistics management by international freight forwarders include:

1.   Identifying the fastest route and the most economical means of shipping international cargo, through land shipment,       air cargo, international boat shipping, or through a combination of these modes.

2.   Prompt order fulfillment is achieved through integration of multiple shipping modalities, which facilitates round-the-         clock dispatch of goods.

3.   Efficient customs clearance through completion and handling of the required paperwork and documentation,                   including Bills of Lading and Airway Bills.

4.   Handling any tax or duty payments that are specific to each country.

5.   Providing insurance for cargo that is in transit or awaiting shipment in a storage facility.

Some businesses believe that they can reduce expenditures by making their own arrangements for international cargo shipping.

A dedicated freight forwarder can leverage economies of scale based on their extensive network of transportation industry contacts and relationships established over time, which allow them to negotiate better deals on behalf of their customers.

In addition to the above, a dedicated freight forwarder can also offer advice on regulatory compliance as well as providing security and tracking measures to ensure that your product arrives safely and securely at it’s intended destination.

Another advantage of using a dedicated freight forwarder is that the client is freed from the time-consuming process of having to vet carriers, compare rates and negotiate any additional specialized services that may be required.

Freight forwarders are also experts at providing alternate solutions when unexpected circumstances arise that may result in shipment delays, thereby increasing the efficiency of your company’s supply chain network.

It’s hard to deny the advantages of developing a working relationship with a dedicated freight forwarder such as Skyfer Logistic.

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